I’m watching one in Spanish today. Do you have a favourite cartoon?


@Ababyboy @Littleivo I can second Over the garden wall! It is a caroon with a very unique style, and it is quite short, so no excuses for not watching it ;)

Besides that one, Gravity falls and Steven universe also definitely deserve a look.

@Littleivo @Dutchbabyboy @Ababyboy Over the Garden wall is very memorable! And veeerrryyy short, yes, so there's really no excuse. One I love even more is Galactik Football and there's also Totally Spies and What's With Andy, all of then super fun but those are perhaps a bit more childish ☺️

@kinesecd @Dutchbabyboy @Ababyboy there is absolutely nothing wrong with childish cartoons :)
We’re getting quite this list of cartoon recommendations!

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