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• No under 18's are permitted to sign up to this instance 🔞
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• For NSFW content (including diaper/kink), use the content warning or the NSFW filter 🔞
• Don't post any content that is illegal in the UK, Netherlands or Germany, this includes imagery depicting minors (or links to it) ⛔
• A local account may be muted or banned if they don't follow the rules 🔐
• We only block/silence foreign accounts and instances for abuse or legal reasons 👩‍⚖️
• Have fun 🍭

If you're posting NSFW content (that includes diaper/kink pictures) you should add a CW (content warning) this is considered common courtesy on Mastodon as users on other instances might see your posts on the federated timeline.

If you post unlisted or to your followers only this is less of a concern (as people who follow you probably know what they will be getting!)

Contact @james or use the email address above if you have any questions or are unsure about the rules.

❌ Blocked instances

In some cases we block other Mastodon instances for legal or abuse reasons. You can find the current list here.

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We follow good security practices and have great uptime. We have twice daily backups, and use a CDN to store and deliver media assets.

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Currently our operating costs are about $300 a month (dedicated servers, bulk email, media storage and CDN).

You can either support us by becoming a monthly patron or buy me a coffee ☕️

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