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It's been awhile since I've been padded, and this was a much needed evening :diaper:

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Big boy... in appearance only !

Forsite Am/Pm diaper is the best choose for maximum efficient.

Order them now on

Some ABDL to spend some times with me in New York City tommorow ?

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Changies time for my little cub @james. Think we've got everything we need here. Plus a couple of extras to make sure you're a good boy for Daddy today...

If you can donate a some money for buying a new phone for posting pictures of me in diaper. You can participate here :

Anyone in Paris today?
Quelqu'un à Paris aujourd'hui ?

Hey guys ! Someone stole my phone. So I'm not very active on the web. Kiss Kiss ! ❤️

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Diapered at restaurant. Thanks @Matdiapon for this great weekend !
See you soon baby.

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Please go follow @LilHoss

A new French padded butt with cool contents.

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The outfit that I wore the past parade...

It was the first time I went out in public as abdl sans covering my face and with nappy so obviously.

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Ok, lets start a

Show us ALL the diapers you have at home 😈

Here is all my wealth 🤴🏻some diapers are here for more than 10 years 🙈

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