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"Vulpes Cubile"? 


Kiddos: Literally the most disappointing pamps. Packaging has super cool fox dude. Pamps have... Owls. -.-

they ask you how you are, and you just have to say that you're fine, when you're not really fine, but you just can't get into it because they would never understand.

Does anyone know if prints of this piece from the WDW Peter Pan's Flight queue is available for purchase anywhere?

Tip for ABDL photo

Tip 3: the subject

Lot of people don't know "how to take picture" and "have no idea". Actualy there i plenty thing you can try to do.

Diapers are not the only thing from our world. It's also about the little details.

This is why the most important is to take a photo of one special thing. Can be a diaper (of course), a mood, your favorite plushie, your pacifier, a special situation, a moment with friends...

Don't think about just the diaper. ABDL is way more than this !

Aww, look! It's just like Totally a fierce kitten! *nods*

I struggle with this... So much...
Understand that your life doesn’t have to be together for you to attract good things. Understand that your mental health doesn’t have to be in tact for you to attract good things. Understand that you don’t have to be perfect to attract good things.

Seriously. I want some velcro light up sneakers!
Don't ever let anyone treat you like you don't deserve light up sneakers.

So... For a year or so, they've had a 🌈 pride flag hanging in the canteen at work. And somehow, I don't like it... I feel a bit they're taking something that's "ours", and appropriating it... I'm not sure if that makes sense...

So... This sucks. Basically accounts primarily posting adult content are no longer allowed on Twitter. Gonna keep my image posting to from now on, I guess...

Currently only 0.65% of users support the running costs of the instance on Patreon. It would be amazing if we could get that to 1%.

I'm super thankful to everyone who has supported us so far ❤️ but it's likely I will be out of pocket next month looking at the estimates.

I'm working on reducing our storage costs, but if you haven't considered joining the Patreon yet (and you can afford to do so) please consider checking it out 🙏

"Vulpes Cubile"? 

Hmm. Does importing your following list also make requests to locked accounts?

Decided to switch to here from, as seems more active. (Verification: )

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