*Mom sets me up with a new job, pays well, steady hours.... reads through the first week of training* fuck this is not what i want to do for the rest of my life though... *hears haunting voice of mother* "YOURE GOING TO LOVE THIS JOB SO MUCH! I BET YOU KEEP IT LONG TERM!"

I need some new babyfur art. Who do you guys suggest for art?

I just bought my first adult pacifier *squeeeels!*

Some days I just want somewhere to ramble without having to deal with other's opinions.

Is there a social media where you can rant without getting feedback/comments from others? -.-

Gonna do a stream in a bikini top and a skirt to cover my . Should I do or ?

Do I bust my budget and order a case and have them around for longer? or just buy a single pack hmm...

to or not to pad? The question of the day.

Anyone want to go on an with me? Even to the fridge?

*crinkle butt plops down in front of TV*

Migraine is back. *cries* I'm gonna take a nap and cuddle plushies.

Took a nice hot bath, missed my ducky toys, but now I'm ready to crawl into bed with plushies and a book.

I got some new diapers in! Do you guys use telegram? Should totally check out my channel where I do reviews!

I dun wanna go to work today. It's cold and wet outside.


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