πŸŽ„πŸŽ„ Lot's of us have fun with Christmas presents.. πŸŽ„ even if we might be atheists, Jewish, think Odin was right,... presents are great!
So... when will you get your presents?🎁 😁

and just in case you are wondering: we can do these in green, too! (changes to yellow, when warm) :dummy: Thanks @Greywolf_dl for doing all the modelling work! :minecraft_pick:

Someone used their time to work a bit on a side project... πŸ˜‡
Maybe we really should do a little series.. are you interested? :dummy_pink: (oh, they're semi-transparent & color-changing.. as usual for or prototypes, as well as fascinating under UV!)

ok.. let's do this.. 🧐
Due to Corona/Covid-19 πŸ€’ I'm mostly..

Oh, look what's there!? :dummy_pink: :dummy: :dummy_purple: another prototype! Still changes color and even more pinkish (How could that happen? πŸ˜‚ ) And yes, it changes color, too! The other pic is under UV, since this paci really likes to party! πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ

Yay! πŸ•Ί Our new DIY color changing paci version is making progress! :dummy_green: :dummy: :dummy_pink: Have a look at the new plate!
This one is approaching it's production version soon!

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πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ As we've got a huge share of queers and friends here.. How is or was your CSD-planning this year?

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Trying my shark outfit before wearing it this week-end.
Love it 😍

being curious again..🧐 Let's see what interests us most.

I mostly rely on having..
I mostly would like to have..

My backpack has a diaper in it like... (vote below 🧐 )

Yay! Let's try this poll feature.. 🧐

:diaper: Diapers for me are mostly about..

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Someone is making Cumblr, no thanks, I find the name to be crass.

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Our community is full of wonderful and diverse people. respect is important. ABDL can mean different things to different individuals.

my idea: use the CW (content warning) button, especially when posting content within our community that someone else might not enjoy.(messy content)

If we can do this, 1)we are being respectful to everyone 2)nobody will complain 3)everyone can enjoying this community the way they want

:diaper: Stay padded :diaper:

Nothing nicer than waking up slowly and being able to do so until you _really_ have to change... :diaper_wet:

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Hi everyone. I just joined today. Figured since tumblr is dying may as well find the abdl community here. I’d love advice on how to be more open and loving of myself as an AB.


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