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after 2 weeks finally back in diapeers, also tooth missed it to climb on top of me he is such a silly tiger, he is a good best fwend

yes i hef a questione, last club luier there was a group pic taken at tue stairs i was wondering if anyone has that pic, id love to see it because i havent yet 😅 pls help a fellow bab out heheh

Dj littlebart is rocking a... squishy diaper🤭🧸🍼

VWOOM VWOOOM, come tooth lets drive to sleepy town togheter 🧸🍼😊

tooth and i found a package from @diaperheroes it looks like were going vroom vroom tonight 🧸🙌🏼

guess who filled another diaper the past night 🤭 good that ive been wearing one otherwise my bed wouldve been wet 😦🧸🧸:dummy_orange:

162... this is getting closer and closer to 200 😨 who tought i would be actually interesting, all you 162 current little babys and awesome daddys did 🎉🤭 if i hit 200 what should i do? tell me!!! (i dont want to do embarrasing stuff though keep that in mind 😘)

guess who woke up wet dis morning🍼👶🙌🏼

i need a change thats for sure🧸

back in my fav types of clothes 👶🍼 also tooth decided to take a better look at the camera he is such a silly tiger but i love him to bits🧸🐯🐯

sooo what type of diaper do you rather have?

single tape or dual tapes

tooth saids this little boy needs a change before nitey nite🥺🧸

from squishy little to a dry little 🧸👶🍼

tooth says i did a good job changing 🐯🐯🐯

Eventually getting to use the bottle with adult teat on I got

Seeing all the gamers on here I think we should sort out some kinda official discord group or something so we can arrange playing games together! Not just for PC but for Switch and other stuff too!

Would be alot of fun playing with fellow soggy bums

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