I made cookies. And now im eating them all to myself!

Here is some advice for the younger people, you don’t need to “come out” as abdl to your friends and family, they don’t need to know about your fetish.
No they won’t keep it to themselves, no they probably won’t understand, no they probably won’t accept it.
You don’t need people’s acceptance that are not part of the community, it is not the same as sexuality, keep it to yourself.

My last dino nappy
Put booster in it so I can wear it all day

Morning, just s lol big soggy
Today is Thomas Hardys birthday (famous writer from my town) and there is a big street party Victorian celebration with steam engines and all sorts and lots of events dotted down the streets. I live right in the centre of the town so I’m gunna go enjoy it.

Been inactive a little bit, very tired. Watching the planets.

Having a couch day. Little rascal and booster, purple onesie and shortalls.

My booster has exploded and now there is gel all inside my nappy hehe

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