I can’t believe it’s been a year already! Maybe next year we will have a party 🥳

Sorry I haven’t been posting as much here! Haven’t had a lot of padded time lately. But that changes today!!! Even if I do have to go in the office for an hour...it’s not too noticeable, right guys???

Tips for ABDL Photo

Tip 1 choosing between camera or smartphone.

Actualy, booth work! Because camera and smartphone have the same render if the light is correct.
But a real proper camera is great for long exposure (here with the night light) or a very short exposure (The jump).
The smartphone cameras are good for selfies and "everyday life" making your photo more spontaneous and real.

I've been using DSLR for long time, but my iPhone is still close to me when I take ABDL pics :)

Me: look Daddy, I’m a BAT! 🦇
Daddy: I think you missed out an ‘R’...

🏠 "Hey Maaaark! The pledge filled his diaper already!"

"You're on change-the-baby duty. He's your little!" 👬

"But I just changed him this morning! Can I get a new frat bro?" 🙄

Think we should try something new. If you see a great post during the week reply to it with the hashtag (post of the week).

Then on Friday I will pick a couple and put up a poll up for everyone to vote a winner. They might get a $20 ABU gift card or something 😉

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