@BlueStar *nods head* yup you have unicorns all weekend! 😁

@Diaperdboy go ahead, I'm not jealous one tiny little bit *totally am super jelous*

So my baby brother @BlueStar has sooooo many types of diapees, he forgot about his pink unicorn ones 🦄. So I've told him he has to wear them ALL weekend so he remembers. Aren't I such a nice brother 😆

@subbysootherboy cool, gotta try some now if they look that cool with sticker landing strips 😁

Say hi to your plushies from me 😄

@subbysootherboy that's soooo cool. They picked well. But what did they pick? 😄

@Littleivo @BlueStar it's okay blue. Your such a good little fox, and I'm very proud of you for wanting to share but I have two more cookies. One for Ivo *gives Ivo a cookie* for saying such nice words and one for me, because I'm hungry 😁

@BlueStar @Littleivo that is super good little one 😁 *hands you a cookie*

@Littleivo @jelle what do my plushies like? Jumping on the bed is probably their favourite 😆

They aren't quite as mature as jelle but they still know how to take care of their little 😁

@BlueStar amazing teamwork Filo and Filin! You know how to keep my brother safe from leaks 😆

@Bkid5 it does look like the blue one is about to rip the tapes off. Gotta keep my eye on him 😆

Why does that yellow rascal (dragon?) Always look so surprised? 😂

@Daz_dluk hehehe, Halloween is my favourite... Candy for dinner 😋

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