@thatbabyboy If your jeans fall down that much when you sit down, we can surely put you in a thicker nappy ... seems like there is much free space in your pants馃槤

Super cute馃槝

@thatbabyboy But you couldn't go anywhere when your pants are falling down so easily ... and more diapee is more capacity馃槤

@BlueStar I don't want my jeans to burst open either 馃槤

@thatbabyboy If I put you in proper nappies, you wouldn't be able to get your jeans over them anymore, so no worries about that馃槣

@BlueStar but then I wouldn't have my cute diaper peeking over it 馃槢

@thatbabyboy No, but then we could see your cute diapee completely馃槝

@bilbo_uk aww, thankies. I never see it myself though 馃槃

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