Shout out to all the wonderful plushies out there keeping us littles safe! 😀

Especially you little guy (you know who you are)! 😋

@thatbabyboy Filo accepts your apology, and he's sorry that he overreacted ... he was just so proud of his little adventure.
Hugs to you all from him!🦊

@BlueStar I've never seen you so close before Filo... You look even cuddlier up close *cuddles Filo and Blue*

@thatbabyboy Hehe, he is one pretty foxy, right?
*cuddles you back*

@thatbabyboy Hi there 👋 * Drago, Minky and Alf talking talking excitedly * Look we went on a little adventure... and... and... there’s three of us now...🙃

@chwefror21 @thatbabyboy (detective Blue spies a repurposing of a previous photo ... but I will slip that this time😜 )

@BlueStar @thatbabyboy Yes, its from our little adventure a few days ago, but they were so exited about it that they wanted to talk about it again... Nothing better than happy and exiting plushies 🥰

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