fruit of the loom breifs hide my diaper almost perfectly 😛

@chwefror21 they also dampen the sound quite a bit... Perfect for stealth missions (aka in public) 😄

@thatbabyboy Any good fox would hear and smell your diapee from kilometres afar, even with your 'big boy' briefs ... and every bad fox might pat your bum to confirm (and maybe tease you)🦊

@BlueStar all the foxes I know have much bigger nappies that they can't hide under big boy pants 😝

@thatbabyboy Then apparantly you don't know me ... I'm Blue, by the way😜 I can be very sneaky outside🦊

@BlueStar Blue? Huh... Pretty cool name... I know someone very special called Blue 😉... I'm Chris!

@thatbabyboy No! You can't be Chris, my big brother is called Chris, so you can't! *grrr*

Wait, I am very special...!?

@thatbabyboy Hey, let me go *pretends to not like it and to struggle, but cuddles you back*

@BlueStar *stops wrestling and just calmly cuddles back* yep, that special person is definitely you... Nobody else can be that fussy 😝

@thatbabyboy *takes the chance and pins you on the ground and licks all over your face*
I'm not fussy! *boops you on the nose* your a silly one ;)

@thatbabyboy *now starts tickling you*
You're too slow and can't escape!🦊

@BlueStar hehehe, maybe I don't want to escape and you've just feel into my real food more cuddles 😋

@thatbabyboy You cheeky ... you don´t need to trick me into cuddles ... you can pay me with treats😋
*cuddles you more and meanwhile searches your pockets for food*

@thatbabyboy *turns around and walks away causally, looking for other 'food sources'*

@thatbabyboy *has written a sign saying 'hugs for food', going around and presenting it to many people*

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