Crazy how thick the combo Tena+Dubbler was this morning ... it was on the edge of falling down from the weight😅🙈

@BigBabyAlfie Not my fault! *someone* wanted me to wear a Tena ... any other nappy would have been waaaaaay better😊😝

@BlueStar @BigBabyAlfie 😝 but my little brother fox looks so cute in a Tena + doubler combo 😁

And no leaks so all is good 😄

@thatbabyboy @BigBabyAlfie That's only average cute! I'm waaaaaay cuter in peeks or crinklz or anything printed!
But you asked so nicely, how could I refuse?🤗
How should this monster of a padding even leak?😂


@BlueStar @BigBabyAlfie cos it was barely clinging onto your hips... You can have as much padding as you want but if it's not secure then leaks may happen 😆

@thatbabyboy @BigBabyAlfie That was only when I got up. For bed I wore a onesie to secure it😜 and the tapes of the abus are much stronger, too

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