Meet Captain James D. Foxy the III., conquerer of bedtime and terror of the seven puddles!

(Had some boring time to fill during work馃槄)

@thatbabyboy Uhhh, that麓s not easy ... You have to
- like foxes
- have colouring experiences
- like the sea
- love foxes
- extensive expertise in cuddles
- and be super tough

Can you do that?

@BlueStar I can do that, and as a bonus I can bring snacks!

@thatbabyboy You麓re hired! *pulls you on the ship*
(Oh damn, hope noone saw that! I麓m not very objective when it comes to snacks馃槀 )

@Littleivo @thatbabyboy Hmm ...? Could never refuse such a good looking bear, but Ivo ... do you meet the criteria for our crew?馃槤

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