I asked my plushies what type of dinosaur are they... They both answered in unison "Cuddlesaurus, silly!"

Packing for a trip... Obviously the first and most important thing is the diapers 😉

A quick diaper check... Hmm... What do you think. Still good?

I wasn't expecting to still be in this same diaper. I love it too much though 😊

Set your clocks for 19:00 BST (UK time) cos we're going to watch Zootopia all together!

Anybody can join in

@BigBabyAlfie @BlueStar @fussy_fox @chwefror21 @Littleivo

So I tried the rascals again today...

This time I barely managed to get my jeans on. It's so obvious but I wanted to be brave, so I went for my walk like this 😄

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