My plushies must have hid this alpaca away for my birthday, such a wonderful gift 😁

Has anyone seen @BlueStar's pull up?... I remember I let him in it but he wasn't in it when I woke up and I can't find it anywhere, he said it was dry so it should still be good to use

It has been a while... Stitch certainly seems as happy as I am to be padded 😄

I haven't posted here in a while, but that's because I've been too busy being a big kid 🤪

I was a little wet the day after

Rabbit was very surprised I didn't leak 😆

It's been so long since I've been in a nice comfy diapee. Luckily I have the best brother in the world @BlueStar to help me get changed when I do 🥰

I may be the big brother and alpha pup to @BlueStar but that doesn't mean he gets all the baby diapee fun :baby_dummy: :diaper:

Filin asked if he could use my phone to video call Filo... he was missing his plushie friends in Germany and wanted to tell them all about the exciting adventures he's on. 😄

I'm not a baby, and now I got the top to prove it. See, I'm a big boy 😛

Watched the Mars rover landing padded because everyone knows real astronauts wear diapers 😁

Playing snowball fights with my dog makes me feel so little 😋

My little brother @BlueStar wants me to tell you all that he's put me in a little pink chastity cage 🙈

The traffic lights of nappies 😂

Alpacas, Dino rawrz and unicorns :diaper:

Filin helped me get ready for bed... I'm sure he's secretly talking to @BlueStar to try and get me to wear more pink 😝

I know I said I wanted to try the black drynites but... But... I'm a boy! *Huff*

Like a good baby brother, @BlueStar asked me if it was okay for changies... I think he was wet enough to deserve one, don't you? :diaper_wet: 😋

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