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Official ABDL.link Telegram group?

I get mobbed at work.
I am leaving my job, even if I love it and I do it almost perfectly only because people are mean, and when they have someone better than them besides, they kill and hate instead of share knowledges.
I have heart problems because of this since 2 years, I have ansia and paranoias since 1, and since 2 months my diapers are not giving me that protection feeling they always gave to me.
I’m alone and I don’t know what to do. Tomorrow I have to work 3 hours and my soul would die.

This is not a diaper pic.
Since I have finished them all, I ran to restore my stock. I’m moving into a new house in which I wanna make a hidden corner for my diapers.
In the meantime I enjoy this boxer: they are opened at the back (so if a thief come home during the night he can make me him forever! 🤪 ) and has a pocket on the front - as you can see. I love them 😍

What do you think?
Could be an alternative waiting for my diapers?

Tough day at work. 💪🏻
I had so many problems and bad people around me. 😠 😤 😡
Filled a diaper and 2 booster nervous way. 💣 🎈 🌊

Do you think I may be spotted?

Watching The gifted. 📺
Eating popcorn. 🍿
Playing games with my iPad. 👾

And filling up my diaper! 🎈 💣

Did you ever notice the fact we all are wearing diapers around the world, in the meanwhile we toot or scroll the timeline?
It is amazing and lovely, isn’t it? 😊 😍

Rainy day today still. ☔️ ☔️
After a comfy sleeping. 😴
Diaper did his job. 🎈 💣
Heavy heavy!

Perfume is fantastic! 🌸
Sound is amazing! 🎵

Daddy wanted!

Saturday night. 🌙
Bad work. 🔥
Three full and boostered diapers for fighting mobbing. 🎈 🎈 🎈
Rainy night. 🌧
Soapy shower. 🧼 🚿
Pizza and cake! 🍕 🍰
Heavy diaper for the lonely night. 💣 😋

Only missing: a cuddling daddy. 👶🏻 🍼🧔🏻

I’m running out of diapers!
I have ordered new packages and they’ll come in a few days, but I have only 4 diapers left!
Usually I wet 2 diapers a day (one for job shift) but since Monday I have so much pee to do that I doubled my consumes! I’m so happy for that but...what will I do if I run out of diapers before they come?
I can’t go outdoor without them!

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Going to shop for my diaper refill now. Always so emotional :)😍 🤩 😇 🐶

Meeting with the boss today.
I need to be protected, so FormaCare and 2 boosters are the right answer! :)

Sometimes I got victim of mobbing.
Yesterday was last time.

When I finished my shift, I ran home and I made a long angry pee. Then I hug my diapers.

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