Welp, looks like my tumblr account just went to shit. Haven't been able to access it for 2 weeks after their 2-factor authentication system failed me. Tried getting it fixed, no response. To anyone still following it, please un-follow until I figure out a new place to keep my blog going.

2020 sucks

Had a SUPER awesome weekend hanging out with a bunch of AB friends of mine for fun and games! Highlight of the weekend was hanging out in a nursery and seeing who could escape the zip-up crib.

I barely fit in the pink crib >_< (I’m the skinny bab in the shortalls). For more on the nursery, check out DOMDADDYAARON on FetLife! Beware the creepy baby dolls!

Another work/diaper training stint out of town. Yea, I’m a twig, but I prefer the term “aerodynamic”

Packing only the essentials this trip. Short stint out of town for a few days.

FINALLY made it through Locktober. Only had to take it off once for a good cleaning and a shave. Really enjoyed it TBH, was interesting wearing it the longest I have, also fun getting back in touch with my little side more. I’m probably going to start wearing it during the week and get out during the weekend. As for No Nut November….I’ll think about it after the weekend.

Didn’t change before this morning’s grocery run. TOTALLY not noticeable….right?

Making a run for it, nearly managed to get out of the door :) but @diaper_tristan did not let me.

So…It’s been a while since I’ve updated…

Moved back up to my old stomping grounds to try to get happy again and get back in touch with my AB side of things. It’s been slow but for those who have been noticing, I’m starting to reach out again and talk, which is what I haven’t been doing for a while. So yea, I’m back. Gonna try to make it a mission to post here again. Here’s a pic of me doing a diaper challenge after losing a game of Cards Against Humanity a few months back.

I’ve always been interested in the duality of the lives we lead as ABDL’s, DL’s and kinksters etc in general. Thought I’d put together a comparison of 33 year old me, an executive in my workplace and the 6 month old me who needs to be diapered, pacified and nurtured and as much an important part of me as all the other facets of my life and interests. All lingering in the same being. I’d love to see other people’s comparisons too if people are as brave to share.

Merry Xmas everyone! I'm grateful to have this safe space I can reach out to when I am bored/lonely/horny/needy and that I'm always greeted with open arms (and sometimes grabby hands). I hope y'all had a wonderful holiday break and for those of you that worked we are thinking of you! Xxxo

What was your best Christmas present? Your brother thought he was gonna get that ps4 but it turned out he was in need of something a little crinklier 😂✌️😝🤠

Made the transfer over here to ABDL.link for my personal christmas present. Hoping to make some new friends here!


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