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Never miss a post from your favourites. You can now get a notification when a user posts if you enable the bell option on their profile. Currently it's just a web notification and will show under the notification tab. In the future the apps will likely get it and potentially email notifications too

Multiple reports of issues logging in if you have the advanced UI enabled. Working on a fix, will update when resolved.

As a side note, don't click the "spam" button on emails from us, if you don't want them change your preferences instead.

We don't send any spam or marketing emails at all, but every time a handful of users do this we start getting blacklisted by email providers as they learn when you hit that. It's very expensive to send 10's of thousands of emails every month and you're just frustrating users who want / need that password reset email but might not get it /rant

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We're seeing a high rate of rejected emails for Yahoo Mail users "due to user complaints"

Will change the IP we're sending emails from to try and work around this, but I'm aware of some users not being able to do password resets or email verification due to this. If you currently use Yahoo Mail as your registered email with us you might want to considering switching it to something else, even temporarily

Images (PNG, JPG, GIF) up to 8MB. Images will be downscaled to 1.6 megapixels (enough for a 1280x1280 image). Up to 4 images can be attached.

Animated GIFs are converted to soundless MP4s like on Imgur/Gfycat (GIFV). You can also upload soundless MP4 and WebM, which will be handled the same way.

More info here:

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You can attach the following to posts:

Videos (MP4, M4V, MOV, WebM) up to 40MB. Video will be transcoded to H.264 MP4 with a maximum bitrate of 1300kbps and framerate of 60fps.

Audio (MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, OPUS, AAC, M4A, 3GP) up to 40MB. Audio will be transcoded to MP3 using V2 VBR (roughly 192kbps).

Will be taking offline for a while this evening to migrate our media storage to make uploads more stable

We have opened up public registrations for again 🎉

Please support us financially on Patreon and tell your friends!

Doing some server updates so there might be a couple minutes of downtime over the next few hours or so.

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