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Uploading should be working more reliably now, it's still not 100%, but much better than yesterday.

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The issues with media are still ongoing unfortunately. Annoyingly it would be near impossible to migrate to a different provider while they are having issues.

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Our media storage provider has been having issues for the last few days and as a result uploading/viewing media might not work all the time. Keeping an eye on it, but unfortunately the issue is out of our control.

Everything should be fixed now, let me know if you see any issues 🙂

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Okay I think I fixed the issue 🤞

If you see "Your home timeline is empty!" that's expected at the moment. I had to purge all the home timelines, no data is lost, but I have to run a process to repopulate them for each user and this might take several hours in total.

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Experiencing some issues with posts and home feeds currently, going to take the server down for some emergency maintenance. Will update when things have been resolved 🤒

I can’t believe it’s been a year already! Maybe next year we will have a party 🥳

Wow it has nearly been a year!’s first birthday is July 25th! 🎂

Over 300 users are listed on 🎉

Will hopefully have some time to bring some new features and improvements to it soon 😀

Think we should try something new. If you see a great post during the week reply to it with the hashtag (post of the week).

Then on Friday I will pick a couple and put up a poll up for everyone to vote a winner. They might get a $20 ABU gift card or something 😉

Confirmed it was Cloudflare (our anti-DDoS / CDN provider) having issues. All should be resolved now.

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Mast for iOS is reduced to an incredible $0.99/£0.99 for a limited time. Get it before it goes back up again! 🤘

The new single column design is now the default for all users, if you prefer the old layout you can enable the "advanced web interface" in your preferences to change it back:

The option for this has now moved to the preferences page page (, you just have to disable "Enable advanced web interface" if you want the new layout. This will probably become the default soon.

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Have deployed some development commits from upstream which bring a single column mode called "simple layout".

As it's still in development it's likely to change, but you can test it by flipping the "Use simple layout" switch underneath the getting started column.

For those that don't know we have a profile directory to help users to find people to follow:

If you want to be listed you can opt-in under your profile settings. Then use hashtags in your bio to be listed under specific hashtags!

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