Hello everyone,
James and I transferred this instance to my infrastructure in two days. We appreciate your patience throughout the downtime. This new infrastructure may have some hurdles at the beginning, as any moved infrastructure might have,, so let me know if you encounter any; we can solve them as a community. We're available for inquiries and help. Thanks to everyone who made this move with me, we'll grow and succeed.

@bambinod passwords are stored in the database for logins obviously, but these are 'hashed', so can't be decoded by anyone. That's really it, no real name or other identifying information is stored

@bambinod any questions about the new owner can go to @Pikachu, in terms of personal information your account email is the most significant (this is used to sign in, notifications and account recovery), but we have always advised users use a email account that isn't associated with their real identity. We don't store anything else aside from your posts obviously and last sign-in IP. The new owners aren't getting access to any historical support emails, so it's essentially what's on your account

If you don't wish to be apart of this transfer of ownership you need to opt-out by either transferring your account to another Mastodon instance or deleting it on or before the 31st here: abdl.link/auth/edit

You can also export all of your data before doing so if you want a personal backup

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From the 1st of September ABDL.link will be under new ownership, James and the existing moderation team will have zero control from this point. In preparation for this, on the evening of the 31st of August the site will be shutdown and the data transferred overnight to the new admin @Pikachu

It will likely take a few days for them to get the site fully up and running again as they will be setting it up "from scratch" on their servers from the data backup.

Over the last week we have been speaking with @Pikachu who is potentially interested in taking over ABDL.link. She has been a user for a long time, and we have discussed many of the technical, community, policy and legal aspects of taking this on.

While nothing is official yet, we want to introduce and open up the discussion to everyone about them potentially taking this on.

Hello @Pikachu, and everyone please ask away..

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Our new hosting provider accidentally deleted our new server. We have daily backups, but would take hours to restore. Luckily it wasn't a permanent termination and they were able to turn it back on after a few hours. Hopefully that won't happen again..

If you or know someone that would be interested in taking over ABDL.link then please contact [email protected]

This will involve taking over the the domain (and costs), migrating the application, DB, and storage to your own server, and then dealing with any technical / operational issues going forward.

Would be good if people could share this on other sites, thinking ABDL Reddit and Twitter. Thanks!

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Things are a bit slow due to the rebuilding of home feeds, but that should be completed within an hour or two.

Media issue has been solved also, and everything should be working as expected again.

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Okay so we have migrated to the new server, there might be some moving teething pains, I'm seeing some media returning 404's which is being looked into. Let me know if you run into any issues

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I will also be open to offers for taking over the platform ownership, I'm less invested these days, and I have little time to invest in developing or promoting the platform. There will be some technical and ethical requirements that will need to be satisfied for someone else to take over, and notice will be given to users in advanced of any changes in ownership to allow users to migrate / delete account data if they wish.

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So over the next few days I'm planning to downsize the server to something that's more reasonable to fund from my own pocket. There might be some downtime, and things might be a little slower, but should still be adequate for the demand we are seeing now.

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Back in 2019 we had to upgrade the server and the supporting services to cope with the demand of thousands of concurrent users. Up until now these costs have been funded by generous monthly donations, but due to recent banking and accounting complications I'm no longer able to take donations though Patreon.

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