Never miss a post from your favourites. You can now get a notification when a user posts if you enable the bell option on their profile. Currently it's just a web notification and will show under the notification tab. In the future the apps will likely get it and potentially email notifications too

The option for this has now moved to the preferences page page (, you just have to disable "Enable advanced web interface" if you want the new layout. This will probably become the default soon.

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Have deployed some development commits from upstream which bring a single column mode called "simple layout".

As it's still in development it's likely to change, but you can test it by flipping the "Use simple layout" switch underneath the getting started column.

For those that don't know we have a profile directory to help users to find people to follow:

If you want to be listed you can opt-in under your profile settings. Then use hashtags in your bio to be listed under specific hashtags!

If you don't know Pinafore is a simple single-column web interface for Mastodon.

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