From the 1st of September will be under new ownership, James and the existing moderation team will have zero control from this point. In preparation for this, on the evening of the 31st of August the site will be shutdown and the data transferred overnight to the new admin @Pikachu

It will likely take a few days for them to get the site fully up and running again as they will be setting it up "from scratch" on their servers from the data backup.

If you don't wish to be apart of this transfer of ownership you need to opt-out by either transferring your account to another Mastodon instance or deleting it on or before the 31st here:

You can also export all of your data before doing so if you want a personal backup

@support I wish James And crew all the very best of luck ☘️💚☘️

@Pikachu yes they did.. especially when Tumblr began to show all of us the back door. Tumblr, closing the door to us..☘️

@support Looks like it's time for me to leave then. This never ends well.

@support @aydenstorm I am sad to hear that, but yes please feel free to chose to leave if you do not feel comfortable with this change.

@Pikachu @support
Ever heard of rupadded? That's what I'm referring to. Transferred to a new owner. Went from always going to be free, to premium memberships, then just disappears. Forever.

@aydenstorm @support Ah, thank you for explaining your concerns. I did not know of rupadded, it seems to be a defunct forum. I do want to mention that having a way to finance a community is not a bad thing (Keeping up with maintenance and running costs is important) no one can give everything away for free, I hope you understand. But to take some of your fears away: I do not plan on making this community a premium based one and it should not be for the foreseeable future.

@aydenstorm @support Furthermore I think such a system would be detrimental to a flourishing and healthy community. So there are no plans of making this a paywalled garden.

@Pikachu @support
That's pretty much what caused rup's downfall. I'm glad to see history isn't repeating itself :D

@support as said already before… best wishes for James and his future..

@support @Pikachu Thanks for your efforts! I wish both of you guys all the best and a lot of success in all of your endeavours! 🙏🏻

For my own part, I’m staying here hoping this cute little place will continue to grow and have a great future. ❤️

@musicinmyarteries @support Thank you for choosing to stay, I will try my very best to grow, support and lead the community to the best future possible with you all! 👍

@support @Pikachu best of luck to the old crew, I can only hope that we can continue to thrive and grow 💜

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