The new single column design is now the default for all users, if you prefer the old layout you can enable the "advanced web interface" in your preferences to change it back:

@support Yeah I was going to ask why I suddenly had two Home columns when I logged in today :/

@support I've had to re-enable it, no posts showing up when it's disabled! Help, I do want the single column layout badly!

@hiawatha can you send a screenshot? I haven't seen anyone else with that issue.

@hiawatha which browser? Can you try and clear your cache and logout / login again?

@hiawatha wait, you don't have any custom users styles do you, using a plugin or something? The column in advanced view looks wider than the others. That's not something we do.

@support ooooh, I did! That was it, totally forgot about that one! Thanks

@support chrome 74.0.3729.169

Clearing cache and relogin didn't work

@support Is there a way to replace the second Home column with a Local stream, as before?

@pine you should get the multi column layout back if you enable the the advanced web interface. Nothing with that design has changed.

@support I do get a multi-column layout back, but where the "local" column used to be, now there is a second "Home".

@support It looks like this for me:

(I am not complaining, just wondering if this is a bug or if I can get the old config back)

@support Oh, I see: if I click the buttons at the top left, it changes what is in the third column. Sorry for the confusion!

@pine if you want to see it all the time you can just pin it, you can even rearrange them!

@pine can you clear your cache and re-login, if that doesn't work you can try and unpin the duplicate column. If you are missing a local column you can just open one and pin it.

@support Thank goodness, I thought I had clicked on something. Thank you for making this update ^^

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