When you’re out for beers, but that diaper change can’t wait. 🌊

@subbysootherboy looks like you desperately needed that change too! Looking amazing as always!

@Onesiedude2010 @subbysootherboy
Always carry a couple of spares in your backpack when you go out for beers. A couple of pints of ale is a sure way to fill up a diaper! (BTW, I'm a bit jealous that you can go out for beers in BC. Bars and restaurants are closed again here in Québec.) 🍻🚼

@mHabdl @Onesiedude2010 One of the best things about beer, for sure. Hope you're surviving out east, curfew and all. Sounds tough.

@subbysootherboy @Onesiedude2010
So cold here you don't want to go out anyway. -22C this morning. ❄🚼

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