@subbysootherboy lol I would have went but I am not old enough for beer :P

@Littleivo @subbysootherboy SF :P I'm going tomorrow. The one today was basically just a beer fest. I am too smol for alcohol. Gotta stick with my juice boxes.

@Marshy @subbysootherboy ooh I wish I’d know about that when I was there. But I agree, us littles need to stick to our juice boxes or we will get cranky!

@subbysootherboy I am rather happy when I see guys wearing so openly in public like you do. That is very brave. But is there no reaction from other people that makes you feel uncomfortable or anything else of the sort?
Could you tell more about how come you can freely wear your nappies in public and how you built your attitude to be brave enough for that?

Thank you!

@Marshy @subbysootherboy Well, that gives some explanation about motivation and the absence of fear xd
But still, they are not in a closed territory or inside from what I see but outside which is already a stress factor for many. It means there is also still a possibility for a third party to see them.

Hence my question still stands.

@HiccupingViking @subbysootherboy :3 I was there today there was a covered fence there. Unless people are trying, no one can see them

@Marshy @subbysootherboy Ok, I see. Well, that is superb you guys have such events where you can feel safe and relax :)

@HiccupingViking This was at Mr. S, a sex/leather shop in SF. They threw an event yesterday for Dore and fenced off a space outside their shop with opaque fences, so it was really private. I definitely wouldn’t have felt comfortable if it was a more public setting, to be honest, but everyone there was in kink gear and there was a lot of sex happening that afternoon in the shop as well. Fun times! Exposing unwilling third parties is not something I’m keen on, so I choose my moments carefully!

@subbysootherboy awesome!
love the ab-dl shirt. very stylish.
I think most people have to look twice because they think it should be ac-dc ;-)

@femboydl Haha, yeah, I really like that shirt too. It’s subtle, except for those in the know. ;)

@subbysootherboy do you know where to buy this shirt? or is it self-made? I like the subtle aspect 😃

@femboydl My friend can’t remember where he got it from, but he’s looking into it.

@subbysootherboy Wow, look at you, kiddos! And I love that t-shirt! 😀

@amsterdad Hehe, thanks a ton! It felt pretty special to get to rock some diapers in the sunshine.

@subbysootherboy @amsterdad good thing you wore sunscreen cuz I didn't put enough and have a slight sunburn D:

@subbysootherboy OK, you boys know you need to use sunscreen, don't you? Next time, remember! Playing out is great but you have to stay safe now, you hear?

@amsterdad Sunscreen is really important, yes. 😎 Burns are no fun at all.

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