Bedtime spankings in this house are becoming more and more like a ritual everyday. She goes slow with it and takes her time, takes breaks even…..then right back at it until she’s done. Even my timeouts have a new twist to them, instead of corner time she likes to call it plug time….

Spanking Time Sissy

Every now and then you just got to diaper yourself...don't forget da powda teehehehe


Gonna try these ones next for da first time....are they good for nap times?

someone is all tired out.....sleeping on his tummy because someone earned themselves a bedtime spanking.....

Someone earned themselves a spanking today.....that's what you get for being fussy with me, once I am done with you, you will be diapered and sent down for a nap.....

Imma home alone for the next few any punishment ideas for me?

Got to finish my bottle before I get a am I stinky, no wonder the fly's love me so much teehehe


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