Look at my little swimmer! I took @james to the lake at the weekend. I didn't have any swim nappies, so he had to make do with regular ones. Which meant he got even more soggy than usual...

@spacetiger @james you’re both crazy. And I am so here for it 💙😂

@diaperdash @james Haha. Thanks 😄 It's less crazy than it looks. It was Amsterdam, and it was the gay area of the lake, so noone minded

@spacetiger @james the fact the lake has a gay area is just next level 🙈💙

@spacetiger wow, looks like an amazing day out at the lake. But you didn’t bring floaties for your little @james ? The very soggy nappy could have dragged him down.

@spacetiger @james It sure was a great idea to visit the lake during this hot weekend. Hope you had fun on your holiday. Daddys are allowed to swim too you know. 😁

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