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👀 “There’s no such thing as overprotection..” 🧸

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What can i say.. 🤷🏻‍♂️ This baby boy just really likes bears! 🧸🐻

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Looking for people to follow? We have a useful profile directory:

You can also filter by hashtags, which can be helpful to find users by region, interest, etc..

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Currently only 0.65% of users support the running costs of the instance on Patreon. It would be amazing if we could get that to 1%.

I'm super thankful to everyone who has supported us so far ❤️ but it's likely I will be out of pocket next month looking at the estimates.

I'm working on reducing our storage costs, but if you haven't considered joining the Patreon yet (and you can afford to do so) please consider checking it out 🙏

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My GoFundMe passed the halfway mark overnight after only 8 hours! Thank you all for sharing the link and/or donating. I'm very humbled by all of the support coming from the community

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Happy valentine’s day to all the daddies out there from all us boys!

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“Sometimes we all just have to face our fears. But even then we can get some comfort by just holding on to your closest ones.” 💖💕🐻

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For a while now I’ve been wanting to write a reflection of my last year in the little world.

In short it’s been amazing!
I’ve met so many new friends (way too many to mention them all here, but you know who you are!), travelled all over Europe, improved my confidence massively, explored my sexuality, learned how to tell a story, joined so many platforms, and so much more.
To anyone wondering about getting started in the little world, or going to an event, I’d definitely recommend doing it!

Look which little boy just filled up his star chart! Proud of you, @james 👏 ⭐⭐⭐

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Apart from that, I had a great time in Amsterdam and at Club Luier. Made lots of new friends and got a new rubber duck! 🦆

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So here’s a little update about my visit at the ABDL Munch in Amsterdam, in one word:


I finally got to meet other littles and very sweet daddies! I got to see @Littleivo @Andy @overalls9050 @amsterdad @Dutchbabyboy @diaperheroes @spacetiger and many more, i even had some playtime with @james. One thing for sure.. i will be back!!

Maybe next time i better got my diapee changed before going home. I was drenched by the time i arrived.. and no, it wasn’t just the rain 🤭 :diaper_wet:

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Diaper giveaway! (EU) Show more

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We now have an opt-in profile directory for discovering users on, it uses hashtags from your profile bio.

If you want to be included, enable it in your settings: and add some relevant hashtags to your bio :ms_smile: #️⃣

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Some end of week stats! 🔢

1,885 new users
4,153 active this week
5,866 users in total

103,938 interactions this week

54 patrons in total, pledging $265/month ($35 short of target)

~6 million web requests

Lots of littles who need changing (including me) 😂

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*actual snippet from my meeting with Santa this year*

Santa: hello, young man. and what’s your name?

me: *whispering* Zander.

Santa: what to you want for Christmas? don’t be shy, Zander. Speak up.

me: *quietly* a PlayStation

Santa: is that to play games?

me: *nodding. wiping my nose with my shirt sleeve*

Santa: like what kind of games?

me: *whispering* fortnite.

Santa: I see. and what is a fortnite?

me: *talks loudly about fortnite for three and a half uninterrupted minites*

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