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Yknow diapers really are the ultimate piece of gamer apparel

Its my weekend so I went to bed double diapered last night and still havent changed :3

Its a lazy wake n bake kinda morning, and then I suddenly wonder to myself "why am I wearing clothes right now?" and strip down to my Cushies 🥰

Its been hours since I put briefs on and I can still feel a phantom wet pampers bulge 👀

By the time I get off work tomorrow night my diapees will have arrived and Ill be starting a week long weekend. Good times ahead!

I procrastinated on buying my diapers and now I have none and theyll be longer than usual arriving. Good job, eh? 🙃

How come my peepee always feels bigger in my diapers than when Im wearing big boy briefs? You would think that diapers, being a larger kind of underwear, would make my peepee feel smaller by comparison, right?

The amount of piss squishing about in my little paws can only be described as orgasmic 🌽💦:diaper_wet:

Yall! I woke up and my bedtime diapee was still dry! Gotta hurry up and get wet so I dont accidentally get big boy underwear privileges or something 👀

Tfw I claim Im not an infantilist, and Ill happily take any tape-up disposable diaper I can get, but then I exclusively desire my adult baby diapees. (´-﹏-`;)

Waking up in a wet diaper is such a lil slice of heaven

Go figure: I *thought* I was changing into a dry diaper for bed, but then almost immediately afterward I wet it while I was brushing my teeth 😩

Also, I needa cut up some of my t-shirts into crop tops for diaper time :3

Funny how when life gets hectic enough that you only get padded a couple times a week you also wind up completely unable to keep your diaper dry for even as long as five minutes

So the restaurant I work at is only open four days a week, meaning my schedule is mostly doubles. How nice it is to not have to open for once on my non-double day, leaving me time for the luxury of waking up in a nice m o i s t diapee

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