A t-shirt and underwear are my personal favorite style of pyjamas. How bout you?

Apparently Bambino doesnt fuck with confirmation emails or tracking numbers, your diapers just show up and be grateful about it. 🤷🏿‍♀️ My first time trying any, still dry but Im enjoying it so far. Not a huge fan of Velcro tapes (90s baby, gimme the ol all plastic shell), but I like this one better than the ABUs Ive tried.

Am I losing my mind? Is it just me? I feel like 3 out of 5 of my ABUs have all had uneven lengths on the wings for the past I dont even know how many orders now, and Im really losing my patience with it. Anybody else have this problem with them? Other diaper brands? Ahhhhh

Its been a minute since Ive posted, but not since Ive been a soggy diaper boi 😇

I do feel awful sexy in my big boy briefs and I like wearing em (the boy bikinis are even extra confidence!) but for lounging around at home nothing beats a t-shirt, socks, and a diaper

Sitting in my own sog to have a fap is even more gratifying when Im looking at having worn this many diapers. What a good binge 🥰

If only I had the means to be diapered this thiccly more frequently. I sure do love it when my diapers enforce a waddle.

Ive let myself run out of diapers and wont be able to order more until Monday. Doesnt bother me, Im choosing to look at it the same as a little break from bud. On the other hand, Ive got a problem. I cant decide between getting abus again, tykables for the first time in a hot minute, or something different. What do yall think? My favorite diaper colors are white (ofc) pink green and blue

Haha! Tricked ya! You really thought I was wearing big boy underwear, huh?

Have you ever masturbated to your gallery of yourself in diapers? 😇

So as a kid I used to play a lot of racing games back on the n64, but then I kinda stopped (except for occasionally dabbling with Forza on my stepdads Xbox) but Ive recently been getting into Gran Turismo and Im loving it. And tell ya hwhat: while I know that real racecar drivers dont wear diapers, a slightly soggy abu simple ultra and my turtle beach headphones sure do make it an immersive experience (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

Could really go for someone sticking their peepee down the back of my diaper and just peeing all over my butt 🥰😇

Diapers are so cool. What other kind of underwear can give you autoerotic massages just by being worn?

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