Mitt Romney needs to hurry up and get that check in the mail. I needa buy diapees.

Also, my boyfriend finally agreed to pee down the back of my diaper last night, and boy he FLOODED it for me! It was so good. On par with a blowjob, no doubt.

Since its my second to last diaper until who knows when, I figured Id make it special and do something that Ive been waaay too lazy to take care of here lately. Its always so divine to be smooth again.

There went my last cushies. Wearing a space right now, then Ive only got one more space, a dinorawr, and an sdk. If that Trump stimulus check does show up rather than being more of his smoke and mirrors it would be halfway tempting to just get a thousand dollars of diapers.

Running low on diapees and cant even justify buying more because theres not even business at work. 😒

Finally found this super cool jacket of mine a couple weeks ago, just as Texas is preparing to enter THE HOT SEASON. Oh well. Outfits built around contrasting colors can be fun.


ReBlog if you think diapers are the best underwear

I could be a baby and whip out a crossbow for the mages in Shrine of Amana, but Im gonna be a BIG BOY and just use my big shield and big stick to WHAM EM!

Go figure that I wear big boy underwear to bed for the first time in a while and I wake up wetting em. 🙄 At least I managed to keep the blankets dry, but thats still annoying. I guess we know who belongs in Pampers. 🤷🏿‍♀️

I wonder why my Pampers are always soggy when I wake up... 🤔

Feeling some potent middle energy right now, even haphazardly strung up a night light for me and Funkador Supreme and whichever of the kitties join me for bed time.

Yall remember when emo was just a phase? (Yeah, me neither)

The best remedy to unpleasant lucid dreams is waking up in your soggy pampers :diaper_wet:

Proposed trading secrets with a vanilla friend last night and told him I wear Pampers. He was very supportive; always a fun feeling. Waking up this morning with my peepee feeling very big and stiff, what do I do about this??

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