Yeah, it’s just another crotch shot. But it’s MY crotch, and I’ve just taken enormous pleasure in laying in bed and wetting myself like a little boy. 😉💦

I peed my pants like a baby. :diaper_wet:

One of the nicest things about only putting myself in my diapers occasionally is I actually forget how good it feels... The need arrives, I remember I'm safely diapered and little, I just let it all go and … ooOOOhhhhh ☺️ 💛🌟

I love the look and feel of being a leaky little boy in the morning. 👶 :diaper_wet:

I stayed under my cozy blankets and let my morning wetting happen in my overnight pull-ups, and (oops) it was just enough for a damp little boy morning moment.

Ordering and wearing diapers is such an everyday thing for lots of babies here... for me it's still a special rare indulgence and thrill.

My order just came, and I'm starting at my wet little boy roots, with a free sample of bedwetting pullups...

How many others secretly loved to read potty training books when you were younger? Books for toddlers, and/or the potty training advice your parents used on you?

Bedtime for babies. I’m snugly diapered in a Prevail Breezers 360, a surprisingly pleasing stretchy fit diaper that came in a sample pack from a Canadian health care supplier.

Mommy let me play quietly today, thoroughly padded, and at bedtime my little sister’s cloth baby diaper was soaked from top to bottom inside my “big boy” protection...

When a little boy has been recovering from the excitement of Christmas by playing and napping in his diaper for 7 hours... his crotch and bottom are going to be soaked, his onesie is going to be wet between his legs and the seat of his PJs is going to be all damp too. And he might be starting to smell faintly like his baby sister’s diaper pail.

So nice to spend part of today as a wetter and wetter baby after 4 dry “big boy” days on the road.

Someone’s taken my pants halfway down to check and decided I don’t need to be changed yet. 👶

(Which is nice because I’m playing happily in this wet diaper.)

Someone’s bottom is going to spend the rest of the evening and the night in this diaper … like a big baby

I got a little sampler pack of some of the better 'health care' diapers available in Canada, and slept in the first one last night — just for the innocently naughty feeling and slightly embarrassing bulk of a diaper between my legs...

I stayed dry all night like a good boy… But I kept it on this morning until what inevitably happens happened. I became a very wet little boy, standing in my kitchen about an hour ago...

That moment when baby me has peepeed so much in my diaper it’s hanging down one pant-leg, closer to my knee than where the next pee is coming from...

My side started with playing as an accident-prone little boy who doesn't make it to the the bathroom in time...

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