I peed my pants like a baby. :diaper_wet:

One of the nicest things about only putting myself in my diapers occasionally is I actually forget how good it feels... The need arrives, I remember I'm safely diapered and little, I just let it all go and … ooOOOhhhhh ☺️ 💛🌟

@littlebabydee Well I do still have a very wet diaper and bottom… 👼

@sinceiwassmall well make sure you change before TOO long, little one~ don’t wanna get a diapie rash! 💜

@sinceiwassmall it is! Wet diapies are so nice and warm and fun to squish around in! :D And they make you feel super duper liddle 💜

@littlebabydee I’m laying on my back doing some really nice feeling squishing right now 🙈☺️

@sinceiwassmall sounds like bunches of fun! I love watching Disney movies and coloring while laying on my tummy an’ feelin’ my soggy diapies squish under my onesie ☺️🥰🍼

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