The 2hr bus ride I’m on brings back embarrassing, tingly thoughts and naughty games from my city bus trip home in my early ABDL years.

The thoughts: this ride is long enough that as a baby I’d certainly have wet my diaper in my seat on the way. As a little boy, if I had to pee I’d probably have had an accident.

The naughty game: if I saw certain things on the drive I had to pee in my pants a little bit. I always hoped to lose. I’d often get off the bus hiding my wet pants with my school bag.

My diaper was soaked and leaking ... so I put a fresh one above it so nobody can tell that I am in an totally wet diaper, can they?

I’m a wet boy. I knew I had to pee, and I didn’t stop what I was doing, and it happened in my diaper. 🙈💦💦

Yeah, it’s just another crotch shot. But it’s MY crotch, and I’ve just taken enormous pleasure in laying in bed and wetting myself like a little boy. 😉💦

3 ways of being diapered at night…

Sometimes it’s just gently comforting and right, a little gift to myself. 🥰 The need or desire to wet or play in other ways doesn’t arise… just being in a diaper is all I wanted.

Other times, occasionally, it’s so distracting and arousing I can’t sleep and need to take it off.

Still others, I revel in peeing myself… like a baby, like a little boy, like a big boy. ☺️🙈 And being wet... and wetter… and playing with myself. 😁🤭 I’m very wet as I write this.

Over 400 followers today. It’s so good to be part of with you — so many people free to be themselves,

As a guy who spent a few shy, very arousing, very confusing early years thinking I was the only one ever to have this weird pleasurable secret (while doing lots of secret laundry)... we’ve come such a long way.

I was chatting with a wonderful new friend about when I was little and I, um … oops

I peed my pants like a baby. :diaper_wet:

One of the nicest things about only putting myself in my diapers occasionally is I actually forget how good it feels... The need arrives, I remember I'm safely diapered and little, I just let it all go and … ooOOOhhhhh ☺️ 💛🌟

I love the look and feel of being a leaky little boy in the morning. 👶 :diaper_wet:

I stayed under my cozy blankets and let my morning wetting happen in my overnight pull-ups, and (oops) it was just enough for a damp little boy morning moment.

Who’s a wet little boy?

(I think it’s me... ☺️ Cosy and warm, walking with a waddle.)

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