They finally got the 4 pack back in stock so Daddy ordered it I am so excited hehe might wanna snatch one up before they disappear again 😝🤔

Just got home from daycare Daddy @shadowwolf1987 got me changed into a fresh clean diaper hehe dank you Dada 😊

So i found out today one of my grand mothers passed away. Its been a day.

Step 1. Think 4 booster puppers diaper
Step 2. Plastic pants to prevent leaks
Step 3. Space onesie
Step 4. Wait for the mail man to bring me my surprise (I no like waiting 😭😭)

How long should I keep @pandamac8 caged and unable to make stickies? 😈😈

So a good friend of ours passed away and i just feel so drained.

so to all the abdls who play word of warcraft. thoughts on all the new shadowlands info thats been revealed?

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