Changed my mind, big boy jammies with little boy padding. Night bigs and littles 🥳 :diaper:

Diaper check done by a good friend 🐻 

Don’t you think i’m matching today? :dummy_blue:

“Time for some video games!! 😁🎮

.. and a fresh diaper maybe..” 🤭

☀️“hey little guy, rise and shine! Let me put you in a fresh nappy, take away all the bad feelings and start a happy day shall we?” :baby_dummy:

Morning diaper check. I know it say "Super Dry" but that not true coz am a little wet

yay finally propper shorts and t-shirt weather, nice dry diaper too oh err wait 🤔 ... ... mostly dry :P

emm ok ... was maybe kinda sorta a little tiny bit wet before sleepy time.

but diaper still not leak so ... 😅 it's all good :P is a community-led microblogging platform. We’re part of a decentralised federated social network, based on the open-source Mastodon project. is hosted on our own servers and supported by our patrons – we don’t sell your personal data or have ads.