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Almost forgot to upload this! A lot of poof! Hard to get up from the ground and walk without waddling /).(\ (Sorry for the bad lighting)

Some more random pics from my Vegas trip🤙🏼 I got to say it was the best vacation EVAH! Had a lot of fun waddling around town and got to try a whole lot of new things, but my favorite part of the trip was that I got to be little the whole week whenever I wanted!😁☺️

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Triple padded kind of night. Good night and sweet dreams from Misa and me! 🤗☺️ :dummy: :diaper_wet: 🍼

Had a great time with this lil dude @Littlemerman 🤙🏼😁 lots of scary movies, snacks, and double diapered fun😋

These past 3 weeks of school have been brutal, but I'm alive and well and still feeling cute af😁 😋 TAKE THAT COLLEGE!

I got big boy undies so that makes me a big boy!...So what if I'm a little wet🙈

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