Happy Birthday to my Hubby Otter @ShoogyOhmai@twitter.com !! Love you so much!! 💗

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One winner will get a bluey badge, 2nd will get a bluey screenshot redraw up to two characters.

Ends July 30th

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Before pride month ends, I will host a quick


To enter: Follow, retweet and optionally leave a comment with your pride flag!
- ends June 30
- winner can choose one of the ychs down below
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A Father isn't necessarily blood-related.

But it's who you make it. Remember that.

And vice-versa. Kids don't have to be your flesh and blood. They just need to be someone that you will pour your heart, soul, and life into to see grow and thrive.

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I highly recommend Lightyear <3: I really really loves it. I think its tied for Big Heeo 6 for me on top movies. Thst pretty high!

Omg Lightyear was soooooo good. I highly recommend it <3. :D

Happy Father's Day to all the Daddies! And Real Dad out there!. For today! I taking my daddy ,@ShoogyOhmai@twitter.com out to Light Year movie abd Brunch :D.

When you feel you lost thst connection because communicating, or life in general get in the way can hurt deeply. Remember when you when you are part of a littles family. It take alpt of work and trust for everyone. It's not a game for some. It is very much real for some.

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Connections like thst alway is 2 way street. I alway and will keep saying thst. It bother give and take on both sides. And it is all valid and true emotion. It may not be a mate or so.. but it can be just as powerful.

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Some of use hold ut close to our heart that connection. In general we all look for thst connection to others. Feel we not just random weirdo out there. But know we van talk, and be fully open to. Other if it a daddy, mommy, big brother, sister, etc....

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In any type of relationship, even in little family is important. Even is a conversation thst has nothing do with being little or such. But just talking about number of anything. And even simple as a good morning means alot. We have little family for thst connect.

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Decided to give away a whole set of my eeveelution stickers! Normal and broken holo shinies! So 18 stickers in total!

- Must be Following!
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- Ends June 19th!
- Shipping anywhere in the world!

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To celebrate passing 4k I'd like to say thanks with a lil' art raffle!💝

🍰 Follow + RT to enter
🖼️ Must reply with a ref image
🦝 Anthro/furry characters only
🍼 Winner gets a colored piece w/bg (ex. below)
⏰ Ends 6/16/22

good luck! (ノ^▽^)ノ✨💖

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