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No leaks tonight, granted I had to fix my toilet valve as that was the thing leaking today. Probably broke from lack of use 🤭🤫

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Let's celebrate this milestone together. Enter for a chance to win a painted portrait of your character among the stars! *w*

- Follow
- Like & RT this post (no QRT or raffle accounts)
- Reply w/ref (anthro/feral only)

Ends March 1st. Good luck!

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Happy Valentine's Day 💝 happy everyone having a nice one! Even tho it's cold!

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💙🦌 200 Followers Free Art Raffle!!🦌💙

That was fast! Thank you so much guys!

🔹Follow + Retweet to enter (new followers are welcome)
🔸Reply with your reference
🔹Tell me your favourite color!
🔸Winner will get a full body (see examples)

Raffle Ends February 28th

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So! This just random timing.... I have a <.< "bigger" cage coming in cause like I'm bug tuff alpha and all..... And luck... Look like it be here just in time for Valentine's day >.<

Omg this explain it for me why I'm 247!

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Being 24/7 for us is more than just a kink lifestyle. It's a daily ritual that affirms we decide what makes us happy, and we can engage with that which makes us happy. That confidence pours over into every other aspect of our life and makes us better for it. 🦊

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Just a friendly reminder:

ABDL/Babyfur ≠ Pedophilia

If you think so, see yourself off my timeline. :)

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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Soooooooo I Heard Daddy say. "There a Good Boy Warranty". D: hope it's not for me! I been a nearest best good boy!

I really am thankful and love my hubby. He always there when I need him. He is really awesome. I know I can be emotional mess at times. Or a pain in the butt. Or maybe to childish. But. He put up with me and I really love him so much. <3

Really missing my grandmother tonight...... Sigh.... She really was great.

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Hello! We have a pajamas party! If you are attending, please follow me & RT & Reply the character ref!. Until today's date!🌟

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Ok!! Who did this!?!! My poor paws gone! D: this is a crime of the highest!!

Omg!!! :D and it goods too! :D <3 <3

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...for real life 🎶🎧💙

Available now to buy or stream in the US and Australia ➡️ smarturl.it/Bluey-The-Album

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