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Good luck ^^

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Gonna try a raffle for the first time! Make sure to follow the rules.
Twitter has been a little funky with notifications so sorry if I miss your reply, I'll be checking this as often as I can.
Second & third prizes only available if I reach those follow counts before/on Dec. 15th

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Need $60 by 6PM! 😣
Open for a few quick turn-around sketches or one inked n colored commission! 😃
Sketch: $20
Icons: $20
Colored Sketch: $35
Inked n Colored: $50
DM to claim a slot! RTs appreciated!

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Headed to Texas Renaissance Fair! Anyone else Going be there :) ?

Character and ideas. Other ABDL conoanys been creating there own thing, and all I seen is Tykable grabbing ideas from other companies. Sorry for the small rant.. I just love Bluey and thing this really wrong for them to do.

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I was already not Fan of Tykable because of there stand of larger littles. And yes I know they have XL now. But was not there plan originally. But besides the point. But ya, come on, be creative. If you so proud making and pushing your own bran. Then come up with your own

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But this just grasping. One, it's Disney, Disney sued fir less, so won't surprised me if Disney come after them for it. Second, this community has don't of artist and creative people. Come up with your own stuff and stop ripping ideas off!

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So as much as I think the new Tykabke are cute, I really can't stand his they doing knock off of Bluey. I absolutely love Bluey, and one who know smr can tell you that. But this is kinda just plain wrong. I get it, jump on the bandwagon make money with something popular

Hope everyone has a safe and awesome Thanksgiving! Now what are you thanksfull for this year! *hugs to all*

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So much has happen in just this year alone! Us moving, texas Freeze, passing if my Grandmother, and so much more. Thank you everyone in my life I am grateful for all my friends, online, littles community, furry community, irl, etc, I am thankful for y'all all

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Thank you for always being there for me and him! And lastly really happy with the new and old friends we have net wile moving to San Antonio, they been great and we here helping build the little community in central Texas. This year has flown by so quickly.

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This year lost one most important person in my life, my grandmother, I am really thankful for the time I had with her. She is a awesome lady, and so understanding and cared so so much! What fully accepted me and my hubby when she found out. Grandma, I love you and are missed,

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As well, I might not alget along with my mom, but I do love her, she might not understand stand mr, but I still love her and she loves me. My real live brother and sister, who always there and may thing I am weird, but they accepting of who I amn. Love them dearly. And

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Always want to hang out, talk, play games, and they just overall great, Thank you you @Lil_Kayko@twitter.com @KaydenDaWulf@twitter.com @Cub_ouro@twitter.com and the Pink thing @BigfoxPye@twitter.com, can't forget my sister either Mizrik. Thank all for being there and. Time we spend together. I happy to have my bio family

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