Sooo it's Locktober soon..... with thet I say it should be Freetober for the ones who are already been locked up :D. >.> like me, the very best good boy!

Anyone one that follows me run a local little group/ Munch? Kinda want talk and see how they handle things, see how ee can make ours beter.

Also got a new one today from @[email protected] , iblove how it came out. Very well done! :D.

:D got ally Paci leashed and... together so I can stop loosing them..... especially my star one >.<....

Today 5vyears ago, in 2017, is one most important day for me. It's when I Married my love of my life, one of the most important people to me, and one who accepts me for my flause i have. Today is @[email protected] and mine Anaversary. I LOVE YOU SWEETY! ❤️

<.< ... I couldn't get into paw patrol, but I Love Bluey!

RT @[email protected]

✨YCH Raffle✨

How about a short raffle to find this piece a home?

- Must be following this account.
- Like and retweet this post.
- Comment with ref and outfit choice.
- Quote RTs don't count, sorry!

Thanks for looking!! 💜❤️💛💚💙


Just a reminder! If you are a Virgo baby, it does not mean your a super soaker... even tho it's a water sign! I should know!

-_- huffff... smaller cages are effected morning alarm in the morning......

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