's a secret 

The "grown-ups" are pretending most of the time.

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What did you do for Halloween?

vaccines (positive) 

It's okay to be nervous.
It's okay to look away.
It's okay to cry.
It's okay to give yourself a lollipop afterward as a reward.

Get. Your. Shots.

What about the Southern Hemisphere?

It's shortalls season there, too. Shortalls season is all the time.

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In weather like this, wearing anything other than shortalls and a T-shirt is kind of unreasonable.

(CW current events) What's the best nation? 


1) If this argument is valid, then shortalls are valid.
2) This argument is valid.
3) Therefore, shortalls are valid.

Q: Even during tea time?
A: Especially during tea time!

Q: What about teddy bears?
A: Yes, teddy bears can wear shortalls.

Q: I meant, are teddy bears valid all time?
A: Oh. Yes!

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Some fashion snobs think that it's gauche for men to wear shortalls before May 1.

I think that's outdated nonsense. Shortalls are valid for everyone, all the time.

my grand scheme (abdl, pol) 

1. Shortalls
2. ???
3. Public ownership of the means of production


Trump supporters: A centrist Democrat is moving into the White House. How can we make America great again?

Advice columnist: You could leave.

Tomorrow is Beethoven's birthday. Are you ready?

ambiguous kink/pol, not sincere 

What's the best way to decide when you need a change?

Let an algorithm make the choice. Big Brother understands your needs better than you do.

uspol, violence 

Right-wing terrorists in the US have been assaulting peaceful protesters by driving into them with their cars.

Could protestors defend themselves effectively by slashing tires?


All good people are anti-fascists.

uspol, negative 

Police officers who use batons or tear gas on peaceful protesters are violent criminals. They belong in prison.

I support mass incarceration of ex-cops.

political music 

Apropos of everything (Pete Seeger, "Keep Your Eyes On the Prize"):

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