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New Year's Resolutions 2019 (pol, commodity fetishism) 

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kink, pol #introductions 

ABDL and Chesterton's meta-fence 

rejecting bad norms, Chesterton's meta-fence 

Telegram, privacy, PSA 

seeking old abdl materials 

abdl, siblings, data 

kink in the New York Times 

abdl, pol 

New month, new ideas (abdl / pol) 

anarcho-communism and human nature (serious) 

Universal Basic Income (UBI): A History 

abdl, anarchism 

Game-related libre alternatives 

ABDL Genghis Khan (kink/weird) 

English is difficult. It can be understood though through tough thorough thought.

good news, legal victory, lewd 

Whenever I see people wearing buffalo plaid, I assume they are anarchocommunists.

Black and red!

uspol, shutdown, general strike 

capitalism, strong kink (not metaphorical) 

capitalism, strong kink (not metaphorical) 

pol, kink metaphor 

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