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New Year's Resolutions for 2020:

1. Smash hierarchies
2. Create creative disorder
3. Fully automated gay communism
4. Achievable, measurable goals
5. Shortalls

Still waiting for the capitalists to create pajamas with real superheroes on them. Like union organizers. Or public defenders. Or kindergarten teachers.

Come on, capitalists! There is demand...where is the supply?

One year ago today, I joined! for creating this wonderful place for us to play. 🤗

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Why I am ABDL and leftist 

Why I am ABDL and leftist 

ABDL, negative stereotypes, empirical evidence 

abdl, humiliation, pol 

kink / pol 

ABDL and the environment 

ABDL and the environment 

ABDL and the environment 

ABDL and Chesterton's meta-fence 

rejecting bad norms, Chesterton's meta-fence 

Telegram, privacy, PSA 

seeking old abdl materials 

abdl, siblings, data 

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