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kink, pol #introductions 

I was a red diaper baby...and I still am! Things I like:

Leftist parties
Diaper parties
Making capitalists wet their pants
Making anybody wet their pants
White-collar workers wearing overalls
All adults wearing
Fewer people in prisons
More adults in playpens

Worker-owned businesses
Fighting alienation with snuggles
Overthrowing the tyranny of toilet training


Trump supporters: A centrist Democrat is moving into the White House. How can we make America great again?

Advice columnist: You could leave.

Tomorrow is Beethoven's birthday. Are you ready?

ambiguous kink/pol, not sincere 

What's the best way to decide when you need a change?

Let an algorithm make the choice. Big Brother understands your needs better than you do.

uspol, violence 

Right-wing terrorists in the US have been assaulting peaceful protesters by driving into them with their cars.

Could protestors defend themselves effectively by slashing tires?


All good people are anti-fascists.

uspol, negative 

Police officers who use batons or tear gas on peaceful protesters are violent criminals. They belong in prison.

I support mass incarceration of ex-cops.

political music 

Apropos of everything (Pete Seeger, "Keep Your Eyes On the Prize"):


Nonviolence is a noble ideal. But the brave people who rioted against the police at the Stonewall Inn in 1969 are the reason I can live a good life today as an out gay man.

Looking for a communications backup in case Internet service is ever interrupted.

Has anyone here tried FireChat, Serval, or any other cell phone mesh network?

Risks of AI, capitalism 

Rationalist community: An AI system that's programmed to maximize paperclip production could destroy humanity! It sounds farfetched, but something like this could happen in the next few decades. Really!

Leftists: An economic system that's programmed to maximize value for shareholders already is destroying humanity.

New Year's Resolutions for 2020:

1. Smash hierarchies
2. Create creative disorder
3. Fully automated gay communism
4. Achievable, measurable goals
5. Shortalls

Still waiting for the capitalists to create pajamas with real superheroes on them. Like union organizers. Or public defenders. Or kindergarten teachers.

Come on, capitalists! There is demand...where is the supply?

One year ago today, I joined! for creating this wonderful place for us to play. 🤗

pol, abdl metaphor 

Potty training charts are the beginning of surveillance.

Authority figures track your behavior so that they can get you to do what's convenient for them...not what's convenient for you. They try to make you excited about the way they're tracking your behavior.


Wet your pants.

Stop caring about the smiley faces.

Give the authorities bad data. Conceal your "accidents." Pour water on your trousers.

Fill every square of your chart with drawings of Emma Goldman.

Why I am ABDL and leftist 

I accepted "diapers are expensive" as a reason to stop wearing diapers. But nobody ever persuaded me that "big kid" underwear is better. It's just cheaper.

I like wearing diapers, shortalls, and sleepers because I liked those things when I was a toddler and nobody ever persuaded me to change my mind.

Maybe I am a leftist because I blame capitalism for taking my night diapers away!

Or maybe I am a leftist because I don't like social norms that don't have reasons.

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Why I am ABDL and leftist 

Why am I ABDL? Thinking back on my earliest memories, I think I have an answer. It may explain my politics.

People told me that as I got older, I should stop sleeping in a diaper, wearing footed PJs, and snuggling a teddy bear. They told me these things were shameful for older children. But they never told me why. I didn't buy it.

My dad told me I should stop wearing night diapers because diapers are expensive, and the family could use the money for other things.

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