I thought I'd throw in a wildcard to round the challenge up to a complete week.

So... Day 7: Nappy, Dress, and Rhumba Panties.

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Day 5: Nappy, T-shirt, and Shorts.

Really pleased with the colour combination I've put together here. 😁

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Day 4: Nappy and 1-Piece PJs.

Gotta love being zipping yourself into a sleeper with a zip up the back. Great way to feel properly small!

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Day 3: Nappy and 2-Piece PJs.

It's tiring thinking of different ways to photograph my outfits. Might take a nap... 😉

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I think it's my turn to have a go at the challenge. 😁

Day 1: Nappy and T-Shirt

Ah well, I guess if I can't get my hands on the briefs I want, I'll just have to stay in nappies a little while longer...

I've been looking at some properly cute Hanna Andersson clothes but, sadly, over £100 (including £23 shipping) for a couple of t-shirts and seven pairs of undies is a touch steep. I'll pass for now.

Shame, though, cos you don't see many briefs in larger kids sizes with designs more suited to a preschooler.

When you're moving up to big school in September but you wet your pants and they make you wear a nappy and sit in the little kids class for the rest of the afternoon...

Isolation challenge: Write a piece of flash fiction to go with this picture.

While I decide whether or not to show you my face, here's how this little man woke up this morning...

Gotta say, I'm pleasantly surprised by the Crinklz I bought. For (what I thought was) a cheap and cheerful nappy, it's doing a great job!

You think you're such a tough guy when you're hanging around town with your mates. If only the lads knew that, back at home, you're mummy and daddy's little boy who needs his nappy changed before being tucked in and read a bedtime story.

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