I think it's my turn to have a go at the challenge. 😁

Day 1: Nappy and T-Shirt


Day 2: Nappy and snapcrotch onesie.

And a chance to catch up on my colouring, obviously.

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Day 3: Nappy and 2-Piece PJs.

It's tiring thinking of different ways to photograph my outfits. Might take a nap... πŸ˜‰

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Day 4: Nappy and 1-Piece PJs.

Gotta love being zipping yourself into a sleeper with a zip up the back. Great way to feel properly small!

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Day 5: Nappy, T-shirt, and Shorts.

Really pleased with the colour combination I've put together here. 😁

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I thought I'd throw in a wildcard to round the challenge up to a complete week.

So... Day 7: Nappy, Dress, and Rhumba Panties.

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@landro I always thought there was something childish-looking about horizontal stripes. 😁 (Although, in this case it's coupled with a slight air of prison uniform)

@landro I promise I was wearing my protection like a good boy! Honest! πŸ˜‡πŸ˜

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