I've been looking at some properly cute Hanna Andersson clothes but, sadly, over £100 (including £23 shipping) for a couple of t-shirts and seven pairs of undies is a touch steep. I'll pass for now.

Shame, though, cos you don't see many briefs in larger kids sizes with designs more suited to a preschooler.

@putbackinnappies check out Gap lineup. I got 16y dinosaurs ones. They do shrink a fair bit the first couple of washes (but I wash them at 60°c).

@landro Ooh, that's a good shout. I've never really considered Gap before. There's not much on the Gap UK site right now but I'll keep an eye on them. Cheers! ☺

@putbackinnappies those are 16y, gap kids. I don't believe they make those in 18y or above though 😕

@landro Nice! Very suitable for a primary school-age lad. 😉

In the meantime, I've spotted some cute briefs, also with sharks, from El Corte Ingles (and they're pretty cheap). Tempting...

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