I saw these dino shorts on Next's website and I just couldn't resist. Rawwwr!

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Dunno how many people here use Recon but, if you do, you might want to know that they're currently running a survey about adding new categories to the site, with one possible option being ABDL.

Thanks to @Ickleboylee, @ratboyArby and his daddy for showing me round Pick n' Mix yesterday!


If anyone in the USA is looking for an easy way to have T-shirts hemmed up to diaper-level without having an awkward conversation at your local alterations shop - try amerihem.com. I've used them twice and have gotten really good results both times. It makes changes and photos way easier while also making it nearly impossible for little ones to hide their diaper.

For Tumblr Throwback Thursday, I'm going back to the last time I housesat for my parents.

I didn't have access to my nappies all week so I had to do what I did between the ages of about 9 and 17 and wrapped a towel round me (I couldn’t even get hold of pins back then), letting my imagination take me the rest of the way. So nostalgic!

I'm spending the next week and a half in a dark place with poor Wi-Fi, adult content filters and, worst of all, no nappies... my parents' house.

(Can't complain, though. They've gone on holiday and filled the fridge full of ready meals for me 😁)

My favorite outfit for a lazy little day 😎

Also hey new abdl community! I finally made it over from Tumblr!

if anyone could help me fine a boy scout uniform, you'd be the greatest!

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