Happy Birthday to me! It seems like only yesterday that I was romping around in nappies... oh, wait... 😅

What would you leave in this little one's gift bag?

When you're being punished for acting like a baby but you're at your little cousin's house and all they have are girls' nappies...

A certain little girl is up past her bedtime, listening to Disney Princess songs. Someone's gonna be sleepy tomorrow. 😴👸

Daddy's little man of the match. Maybe when I'm a little older, I could be a mascot?

Just written a 900-word plot outline for a short story (involving humiliated guys, maids' uniforms, and, of course, nappies). Reeeeeally gotta knuckle down and write this one.

The other gang members call him "Little King" but no-one's quite sure how he got the nickname

Copying all the cool kids and joining the Little Kings club. 👑 Gosh, these are super cute. And comfy, too!

I've been away for a couple of weeks. Even though I had a wonderful time, it's nice to get home and get into a nice, comfy nappy. ☺️

New Year, new outfits! The bodysuits are a little on the small side but they feel made for being picked up and cuddled in. And the sleepsuit is so cosy, I might put myself to bed right now. ☺️

Actually, I already love them much more without the tights. I want to be such a well behaved little boy in these. 😳

I picked up this super cute shortalls and tights set at the weekend and I absolutely love it (though, I'll probably skip the tights when I want a more boyish look).

Feeling like the coolest kid in the playground in my new coat. 😁 Someone might need to hold my hand so I get to school alright, though.

Look who's passed potty training and graduated to his first big boy pants! Do I look all grown up now? 😊

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