New Challenge (inspired by Post a picture of yourself wearing each of the following types of outfits:

-Diaper & Shirt

-Diaper & Snapcrotch Onesie

-Diaper & 2 Piece PJs

-Diaper & 1 Piece PJs

-Diaper, T-shirt and Shorts

-Diaper, Snapcrotch Onesie and Shortalls.

I'll start later today!

Ah well, I guess if I can't get my hands on the briefs I want, I'll just have to stay in nappies a little while longer...

I've been looking at some properly cute Hanna Andersson clothes but, sadly, over £100 (including £23 shipping) for a couple of t-shirts and seven pairs of undies is a touch steep. I'll pass for now.

Shame, though, cos you don't see many briefs in larger kids sizes with designs more suited to a preschooler.

Being kicked out soon. Anyone have a spare room I can rent for a couple months in the UK (preferably in midlands or down south). If so direct message me, thanks 🙏

When you're moving up to big school in September but you wet your pants and they make you wear a nappy and sit in the little kids class for the rest of the afternoon...

Any uk babs with a load of mediums they fancy trading for larges? Drop me a message (if your uk please boost!) I have loads of abdl ones and am happy to trade like for like :)

I had a flash of inspiration on Saturday and have thrashed out a new short story over a couple of sessions:

I've been writing a bit of age regression fiction tonight, for the first time since late last year. I've picked up on a story I started last September and, hopefully, I'll have the motivation to see it through this time.

It's a bit of a slow starter; I'm a couple of thousand words in and the regression plot is only just kicking in. Might be a long one.

Weird idea that popped into my head: Rewriting the song "Getting Married Today" from Company as a song for littles called "Not Gonna Adult Today".

Isolation challenge: Write a piece of flash fiction to go with this picture.

While I decide whether or not to show you my face, here's how this little man woke up this morning...

Hmm, I've taken a picture I like but it only really looks right as a face pic. Might have to take the plunge. 😬

With 20% off using code 20OFF let's get these thirsty Monsters some new homes! We're giving away a pack of Monsters every week throughout April and May, share now to be in with a chance of winning yours! 🚼

Gotta say, I'm pleasantly surprised by the Crinklz I bought. For (what I thought was) a cheap and cheerful nappy, it's doing a great job!

You think you're such a tough guy when you're hanging around town with your mates. If only the lads knew that, back at home, you're mummy and daddy's little boy who needs his nappy changed before being tucked in and read a bedtime story.

I think it might be time for a little restock. Need to make a shortlist of nappies I want, finding a balance of old favourites and trying new ones (plus a mix of thick and thin nappies to cover my various moods).

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