I thought I'd throw in a wildcard to round the challenge up to a complete week.

So... Day 7: Nappy, Dress, and Rhumba Panties.

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Day 5: Nappy, T-shirt, and Shorts.

Really pleased with the colour combination I've put together here. 😁

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Day 4: Nappy and 1-Piece PJs.

Gotta love being zipping yourself into a sleeper with a zip up the back. Great way to feel properly small!

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Day 3: Nappy and 2-Piece PJs.

It's tiring thinking of different ways to photograph my outfits. Might take a nap... 😉

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Day 2: Nappy and snapcrotch onesie.

And a chance to catch up on my colouring, obviously.

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I think it's my turn to have a go at the challenge. 😁

Day 1: Nappy and T-Shirt

New Challenge (inspired by abdl.link/web/statuses/1044688): Post a picture of yourself wearing each of the following types of outfits:

-Diaper & Shirt

-Diaper & Snapcrotch Onesie

-Diaper & 2 Piece PJs

-Diaper & 1 Piece PJs

-Diaper, T-shirt and Shorts

-Diaper, Snapcrotch Onesie and Shortalls.

I'll start later today!

Ah well, I guess if I can't get my hands on the briefs I want, I'll just have to stay in nappies a little while longer...

I've been looking at some properly cute Hanna Andersson clothes but, sadly, over £100 (including £23 shipping) for a couple of t-shirts and seven pairs of undies is a touch steep. I'll pass for now.

Shame, though, cos you don't see many briefs in larger kids sizes with designs more suited to a preschooler.

Being kicked out soon. Anyone have a spare room I can rent for a couple months in the UK (preferably in midlands or down south). If so direct message me, thanks 🙏

When you're moving up to big school in September but you wet your pants and they make you wear a nappy and sit in the little kids class for the rest of the afternoon...

Any uk babs with a load of mediums they fancy trading for larges? Drop me a message (if your uk please boost!) I have loads of abdl ones and am happy to trade like for like :)

I had a flash of inspiration on Saturday and have thrashed out a new short story over a couple of sessions: putbackinnappies.blogspot.com/

I've been writing a bit of age regression fiction tonight, for the first time since late last year. I've picked up on a story I started last September and, hopefully, I'll have the motivation to see it through this time.

It's a bit of a slow starter; I'm a couple of thousand words in and the regression plot is only just kicking in. Might be a long one.

Weird idea that popped into my head: Rewriting the song "Getting Married Today" from Company as a song for littles called "Not Gonna Adult Today".

Isolation challenge: Write a piece of flash fiction to go with this picture.

While I decide whether or not to show you my face, here's how this little man woke up this morning...

Hmm, I've taken a picture I like but it only really looks right as a face pic. Might have to take the plunge. 😬

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