‪Bottom tapes first or top tapes first?‬

‪What up ‬
‪Woke up wif my padding swole‬
‪Been lyin’ around soaking it even more. ‬

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Telegram, privacy, PSA 

‪Went out secretly padded up to get takeout dinner. Shop owner: “food’s not ready yet, take a seat.”‬
‪Me: “I’ll stand.”‬
‪👨‍🍳: “Be comfortable, sit!”‬
‪Me “but-“‬
‪👨‍🍳: “Sit, sit!” *pulls chair up beneath me*‬
‪Me: *sits meekly, squishes*‬
‪Me, inwardly: 🥴‬

Padded up for bed, which I almost never do. Been needing to get up for the bathroom several times a night recently, but not tonight! Will less interruption mean better sleep?


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