"Whatever you think you are at any point in time is limited to what you can consciously think so you're always more than what you would ever think you are.
The problem is that many people mistake who they think they are for who they are and the fact of the matter is that you're always more than that."
John Overdurf

Today we had finally a decent summer day. I went rowing on the river. It was nice to enjoy the sun and wildlife in just a T-shirt and diaper.

One of the experiences I always wanted to have is letting go and wetting my diaper on a trigger. I've always struggled with that and especially while lying in bed. I have to 'force' it.
This morning, I finally managed to relax and wet while listening to an hypnosis file in bed. That was a very pleasant experience.

The other nice thing with Milo's visit is that we got back into practicing hypnosis. I was a bit on a hiatus with that for some time. I'm really happy to have someone that wants to learn and practice with and on me. Hypnosis is all about trust but even more when it comes to this side of me.

My big bro was visiting this week. It is 2 years we haven't been able to see each other and the week flew by so fast. Regardless it was really nice to cuddle and play. He is such a caring and affectionate big bro. I'm so grateful.

@Nix I was considering going this year for the first time. I hope you have a blast there. I'll be really happy to hear about your experience.

I should be visiting the Atlanta region end of April / early May. It would be nice to meet people while over there.

Knee has recovered 120° of flexion in a week. It is the 4th week goal. So far, so good

Back from hospital, everything is going ok. I will try to be more active here again.

@DizzyCooper Yes, it's a bit pricey compared to plastic pants but I didn't regret it

@DizzyCooper Hi, I got them from @kinkydiapers. You can find their site on the web. I think I got those for around 75€ if I remember correctly. I like them a lot more than plastic pants.

@Smellyalbinowolf He doesn't like roller coasters when they get a bit extreme.

This is a commission I got for my big bro who visited me last June. We went to Disneyland and I think I'm still in trouble for the experience I pushed him through ^^

Wonderful art by twitter.com/AliothFox
He did a great job to render a difficult scene.

@icecub awww...I'm very envious now ^^
It's really cute

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