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I got 60 Seni diapers for free but they're Small size so I gotta try really hard to tape them lol... I wear Mediums but hey that's better than nothing!

as much as I love and appreciate @james for creating such a nice space for all of us here, I think I'll be forced to move to because of the influx of kinksters here. I appreciate your kinks but since my lifestyle and it's little side is SFW only it seems like will be better suited for littles like me 😊 I will still post here on, but wanna give a try that more bab friendly space first. I'm not leaving, just trying new stuff out :)

uh oh my whole timeline is just diaper pics. I appreciate them but I want to explore different sides of being Little..., wanna help me connect with more littles who don't post only and only diapers?

hey! do you consider yourself an AB, DL or both? 😁

personally I'm little in daily life, I don't need diapers to feel little although I enjoy being padded :dummy: :diaper:

I'd call myself an AB with a little bit of DL 😁

I'm looking for some female adult baby friends! ;w;

I usually feel 5 so I'm too old for diapers but I love stuffies, coloring books and my sippy cup :D

being little makes me feel better as a boy :)

I wanna follow more ABDL girls or trans boys! Point me towards them!

I gotta learn to enjoy diaps for longer because I wet them as soon as I get one put on me ;_; And I actually don't like wearing wet ones! They get cold and yucky!

bought some cute plastic bracelets today because they make me feel small. one of them has a dinosaur on it. rawr!

ordered more charcoal bamboo inserts today...

I assume I should bulk it more... if anyone has some tips I'll be grateful

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