diapered and getting really nostalgic over things. I'm thinking about 18 years back

cuddling my bear to sleep 😍 I love him soooo much ♥️♥️♥️♥️

I'm a big boy who's totally not a bedwetter. Had to change my bedsheets because my pullups leaked 🙄 lol

So i "came out" to my family as a pull-up wearer telling them i've got problems at night. no more diaper hiding, yay!

uh.... my diaper is sightly full and I'm too lazy to change 😣 I'll just go to sleep like that and do it in the morning....

drunk and wearing my diapie in bed... 😰

nobody answered my question and I'm really lost because I don't know where to look for an answer regarding my diaper issues

I can't get any abdl diapers over here so gotta use Seni or Tena which I'm not a fan of. And my cloth diaper is leaking no idea why. Any help?

Ugh, my cloth diaper keeps leaking through the leg gussets. Actually leaking through the fiber which was supposed to be waterproof but it's not. ☹️ Any clue how to fix that?

I just changed my diaper and had to go again 🙄

I'm really shy wearing out, but my pants are loose so nobody will notice anything :diaper: 😂

uh oh I gotta go shopping so it's gonna be the first time for me to wear out

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