This little boy is sleepy, it’s time to bed 😴

N°5 Two piece PJ and diaper
Let's go to cartoon night 🎥

N°4 : Diaper, short and T-shirt.
Have a nice day everybody.

N°2 Onesie and diaper.
Good morning everyone. Bill say hello too

My first outfit showcase challenge : Diaper, snapcrotch onesie and shortfalls ​
A nice outfit for a sunny day ☀

I am autistic, so the social interaction and communicate it’s very difficult for me. And with my sensory hypersensitivity, I never thought I would meet an abdl friend who would become my daddy 🙈
I’m so happy little boy 💕

(I hope I didn’t make a grammatical error 😬)

I was cleaning USB flash when I came across my first pictures in 2011. I miss the old tena and I feel old.

After two month in my house, I have to brave the world 😥

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